Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tchaivosky's Patheque and Saint Valentine's day

When you are Sad, then you could have the feeling on what Tchaikovsky was thinking when he composed this great Music in 1893, The “Pathetique”.

The Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74, Pathétique is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's final completed symphony, written between February and the end of August 1893. The composer led the first performance in Saint Petersburg on October 28 of that year, nine days before his death.

The third movement as my favourite portion revolves around two themes, a nervous, jittery motif in the woodwinds and a majestic march originating in the woodwinds. As a march, it is very un-military. Its harmonic structure is established on the tonic and subdominant rather than the more common tonic and dominant. The jittery theme completely gives way to the march theme at the short development. Eventually, the orchestra launches into a full, triumphant chorus of the brass theme at the movement's end, often leading the audience to believe that the symphony is over. I had been to listening to this masterpiece that some of the people clapped their hands at City hall Hong Kong. And the rest of the sheep followed! What a Shame…

Well, Only if you have suffer, bankruptcy, devoices, of your girl is running away, or your girl does not allow you to enter the room when you are horny. Then you know how emotional and arousing pity this music could be…

I am listening to this DMS, Delos, Digital Master Series, recorded in USA and Printed in Japan using the latest digital technology in 1985, The Claims frequency response from 0 to 21 Khz, Dynamic Range better than 90 db, S/N ratio better than 90 db…

They used Schoeps 221B omnidirectional microphones.

When listened to this LP, I did not feel that is Digital, but a sort of Mild Tube like warmth of Analogue Music… Worth your Turn Table,Tone Arm and the Precious Cartridge to work on this 40 minutes of Enjoyment! And better Cry out Loud for your beloved! “Darling, come Back Home!
Tomorrow will be St, Valentine’s day, may all the beloved should stay together…. And Enjoy Dinner under the Candle Light….!!! Listen to the heartily tender words from your lover!!

HK Snob

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Louis Armstrong called " Satchmo"?

Armstrong's nickname is short for "Satchel mouth." This derogatory-sounding moniker was actually a compliment that referred to his generous mouth (which was also reported to be quite dirty). Some say his nickname stemmed from his wide, infectious grin, while others state it was a nickname he earned in band class as his cheeks blew up when he played the cornet.

Regardless, "Satchmo" was coined during a 1932 trip to London when a magazine editor greeted Armstrong with "Hello, Satchmo." Armstrong liked the shortened version of his nickname so much he used it as an album title. It stuck. As we learned from our research, Louis was also called "Pops" and "Sweet Papa Dip." Why the latter?

This is Satchmo plays King Oliver…

You will love it for even ten second for the Song one side A.. "St. James Infirmary"
Don't miss this Great LP applying rge MS Recording using two Telefunken microphone units in teh same housing with their respective direction of maximum sensitivity at 90 degrees or right angle to each other.
What A Satchmo!! Bravo!

HK Snob

18 Selections from the World's Finest Sounding Recording from Telarc Collection Volume 1

Telarc is the largest American owned, independent Classical Recording company, with significant releases in the crossover and jazz categories as well. Founded in 1977 by two Classical Musicians, jack Renner and Robert Woods, Telarc has always been in the forefront of Digital recording technology and is known throughput in the world for is exceptional high Quality Releases.

When I was “kid” I used to buy those LPs from Telarc. And This is a CD made in 1992, recording many great classical recording and some of the good jazz, Started with Copand Fanfare for the Common Man, Steiner Tara’s Theme from “ Gone with the Wind”.

The best tune is Side A No. 5 Gershwin” I got Plenty O’nuttin from Porgy & Bess.

It opens a new arean of Hi Fi using my Western Electric tubes output stage CD Player. And my new Telefunken ECC803S and Telefunken 6211 at my line amplifier. The Sound effect was so vivid that Woke me up all in sudden.

Highly recommended CD… If I can find the LP… Wow, that couldn’t be more Magnificent!
HK Snob

Friday, February 4, 2011

Emmanuelle Earthquake Fantasy; I am In love with you!

This is one of my favorite Records for testing your Stereo System, at that time when Earthquake was showed in HK in 1975 summer, the first 4 rows of seat of Mongkok Oil Sing Cinema were removed and installed stacks BGW power amplifiers and loudspeaker to create the live vivid earth quake effect. It was like real and shocked all the seats, ceiling, your popcorn would jumped out when the earthquake in movie came…

During the First day of the New Year. I took out this CD4 version of this disk and put it on my Linn Sondek LP12.

It was fantastic as it played Emmanuelle on the first side of the LP, the familiar melody of this erotic movie theme music just resembled what I had experienced in the past year with one of the most important women in my life… she is tender, Talked like ringing bell, perfect body profile, a kind of nose that is not coming with Chinese, whereby the have a special face profile, tall and slim, sweet and that one could not be ignored that he is in midst of his most happiest moment in his life….However,

After I flipped to the next Side, The first music was Earthquake. The powerful earthquake roared my heart, it broke my heart as much as she broke my heart. Since the first day of the year if Rabbit, we separated…nothing seems could do much to help unless I marry her.

In the last section of the movie Earthquake, Stewart Graff (Charlton Heston) was wipped away by catastrophic massive flow water in the sewage tunnel when he wanted to save his wife Remy Royce-Graff (Ava Gardner). I wish I could be Stewart in the Movie to show man’s greatest ego to die for love. …but in the real life of a lone man, I have too many responsibilities that I have to work for. Nothing hurts more than your woman leaves you….especially that you have not done anything wrong..

I had run a few rounds of the Emmanuelle and I could not stop thinking of her…
I think I won't hurt so much if I do not love her.

HK Snob