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Mantovani and his Orchestra

   The Cover design itself is a fantastic artwork made by Al Hirschfeld

Mantovani and His Orchestra

To those Millions of people who as the baby bloomers all over the world know well about this man Mantovani as his music represents the ultimate in the listening pleasure.

Mantovani has devised a unique formula which relies on co-ordination of all talents to make possibility to transcending the barrier between the “Classic” a “pop”!

He draws upon an ast0onishing wide range of compositions for his recording: sometime adapting the melody of popular song, sometimes an operatic aria of an overture, sometimes a catchy tune imported from an European country, sometimes a haunting theme the highlights of a stage musical…

I came to talk to Paul to look for me as many as he could some of the goodies of Mantovani, he passed me these Yesterday at his shop!

I am glad and I am now listening to them, the masterpieces works from this Italian Music master.

Some cut out recordings from Wikipedia:-

Plays The Music Of Romberg, London LL 1031, 1954

Song Hits from Theatreland, London 125, 1955

Plays The Immortal Classics, London LL 877, 1956

Music from the Films, London 112

Waltz Encores, London 119

Film Encores, London 124, 1957

Gems Forever, London 106, 1958

Continental Encores, London 147, 1959.

Film Encores, Vol. 2, London 164, 1959

The Music of Victor Herbert and Sigmund Romberg, London 165, 1960

The Music of Irving Berlin and Rudolf Friml, London 166, 1956

The Breeze, London, Abbey road, 1961

The American Scene, London 182

Songs to Remember, London 193, 1960

Great Theme Music (Music from "Exodus"), London 224, 1961

Theme from "Carnival", London 3250, 1961

Themes from Broadway, London 242

American Waltzes, London 248

Moon River, London 249, 1962

Selections from "Stop the World - I Want to Get Off" and "Oliver", London 270

Latin Rendezvous, London 295

Manhattan, London 328, 1963

Folk Songs Around the World, London 360

The Incomparable Mantovani, London 392

The Mantovani Sound, London 419, 1965

Mantovani Olé, London 422

Mantovani Magic, London 448, 1966

Mantovani's golden hits, Decca 1967 SKL 4818

Mr. Music, London 474, 1966

Mantovani/Hollywood, London 516

The Mantovani Touch, London 526, 1968

Mantovani/Tango, London 532

Mantovani ... Memories, London 542

The Mantovani Scene, London 548, 1969

The World of Mantovani, London 565, 1969

Mantovani Today, London 572, 1970

From Monty with Love, London 585-586, 1971

Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, London XPS 610, 1972

An Evening with Mantovani, London 902, 1973

The Greatest Gift Is Love, London 913, 1975

Mantovani's Hit Parade , London 1966

Semi-classical music[edit]Strauss Waltzes, London LL 685, 1953

Strauss Waltzes, London 118 1958

Concert Encores, London 133

Operetta Memories, London 202

Italia Mia, London 232, 1961

Classical Encores, London 269

The World's Great Love Songs, London 280

Mantovani in Concert, London 578

Christmas and religious music[edit]Christmas Carols, London LL913, 1954

Songs of Praise, London 245

Christmas Greetings, London 338

Christmas Carols, London PS142

Merry Christmas to All of You, Decca 66445009 (1963)

Mantovani 1905-1980
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