Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orchester Anthony Ventura Je Taime Traum-Melodien

This is mid night, whilset I swtiched on my WE300B push Pull power amplifier driving the Barbeth HL-Compact, listening to these sweet melodies...

Started from San Francisco, going to Southern America for the Guantanamera, then Charly a beautiful name of a lady...resembled the Starting music of a Movie in the 70s in my favourite Cinema "Washington" at Jordan Road

Crying In The Chapel, If I were a Carpenter, Maria Elena, a Ledgendary Guitar music, if Only I had time... Save the last dance for me...

Lara's Theme, Neil Diamond's Song Sung Blue, if you could read my mind, Smokes get in your eyes, Hey Jude, Blowin' in the wind, greensleeves, Love me tender to end this 45 minutes love Music....

If I could Choose, I would have no hesitation to recommend to the Hotel as background music at the Coffee Shop, But I think the GM will call me soon. as most of the guests would not leave and to continue the Breakfast buffet!... Now I know why the hotel plays the Rock music with heavy drum beats... that stop you appetite.

HK Snob

The Royal ballet ( re-issue)

If you had no chance to get the first release "Royal Ballet"  try this re-issue in 2006. It is just about HKD$450, The original first release is about HKD$18000 min. If I am not wrong, my verison was printed in 2006.

You can still enjoy the finest ballet music onducted by Ernest Ansermet, also the painting was a Pissco drawing made in 1917 in Barcelona for Ernest.

This is a Must LP for fans of Tcharikovsky, Rossini, Shumann and Chopin...

You can feel the power of the ending of Waltz of the Flowers, no one else would be better i think.
And this is a Mono-LP!
HK Snob

Latin Ala Lee by Peggy Lee

This is a Wonderful music and voice of Peggy Lee, she swings smoothly though a fascinating variety rhythmic contrast on these famous Songs. You will love it. My Favourite is " Hey There", " I could have danced all night" and " wish you were there"

HK Snob