Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ruggiero Ricci Virtuoso Showpieces by London FFSS CS6039

This is an real masterpieces showpieces played by Ruggiero Ricci in early days.
London FFSS printed in USA back in 1960 (TBC). I was told there is no Decca version on this title. It would be best played by Koetsu Jade. or Rosewood Signature II.
HK Snob

Best Audiophile Voices by Premium Records 2007 Ref PR27831LP

A test Lp for your expensive audio system, and I have yet listened to this LP, We will see how it could play as a audio demo on my DIY hand made system!?
HK Snob

Holiday in Italy directed by Kurt Edelhagen

This album will bring you a musical "holiday in Italy" with a selection of the most famous folksy melodies from the peninsula all played by a lush, large orchestra under the musical direction of Hurt Edelhagen.
Polydor 237565, Printed in Germany in the year likley 1975.
HK snob

Living Stereo Stokowski Rhapsodies LSC-2471

This record is one of the legendary recording of Stokowski, printed in 1961. Market price is not less than HKD$1,000.
HK Snob

Bruce Lee LP


These are Audio Lp made in different time frame for those Movie Bruce Lee had in 1969-1973.
HK Snob