Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Hong Kong Phiharmonic Orchestra plays Films Scores of Steven Spielberg's motion pictures.

Steven Spielberg, 28, young obscure TV director had just completed his first theatric feature Sugarland Express in 1974. knowing that the importance of theme music to the film, asked the studio to meet John Williams, who was only 40 years old, well established on his career, but nothing known to the film audience as a music composer. That was how they started their music creation for Steven‘s film. John is an American, a great Guitarist, pianist, conductor and Music Composer, has composed some of the most influential and recognizable film scores in the history of Motion pictures, since 70’s
Amongst them, which I like most in sequential order, Indianan Jones, Jaws, Superman…
Well, I had a great chance to listen to this concert as a tribute to John Williams, conducting the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra by Richard Kaufman.
More than that, I had an good friend that bought me the seat located about the centre of the Sweet spot of HK Culture Centre Music Hall.
We had many more great film scores beside those best three I like… what a wonderful evening!

The Man who was holding the Light sword in the middle is the Conductor, Richard Kaufman.

Tsim Sha Tsui Snob

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mantovani's Golden Collections, 20 Masterpieces

Abbunzio Paola Mantovani, born on 15 November, 1905 in Venice- Italy most Romantic City.

At the age of 16, "Monty" became a professional Violinist, 1925, he was broadcasting from the Hotel Metropole in London. Mantovani has perfected hsi own special sound. It hs been described as "Cascading Strings" or "Fountains of Sound" Familiar tunes are transformed into glittering jewels with Mantovani's impeccable artistry and Unmistakable Conducting Skill.

Listen to this Golden Disk and you will be melt into the melodies and you will find that it might be too late to join other millions of people the world over respond to this magic, warm to his luchness and soften to touch. The Record was printed in London, by Warrick Records 1979. This Record itself is a Classic, join me to the Music "Moon River", "Swedish Rhapsody", "the Moulin Rouge Theme", "Fascination". "La Vie En Rose"!

London Snob

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A gift from a very Special Friend

Just got some 5 LPs from a Friend, that is a set nice choice of the jazz group, and I will keep this Lps as one of the collection as this means a lot to me, not just of the value, but friendship.

Music is a media that we can provide a path we can communicate with the composer and other listeners, understand what they thinks and how he trigger our spirit to go align with him. This albums will be played after the CNY.

HK Snob

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Elephant Walk by Lawrence Welk

I think this is the best veraion reproduction of Baby Elephant Walk. The cymbals ring like a crystal bells the on right Channel and Timpani echoes on the Left, the music dances like songs of the Hummingbird.

Listen and You will see.

HK Snob

Silver Convention's Fly Robin Fly

When I first played this music, I was using a Lenco 75 turntable, Shure V15Type IV cartridge,

Marantz 104 Preamplifier, Quad 33 Power amplifier, and AR16 Loudspeaker.After so many years, I had doubted the audio reproduction of the music is not much better than 30 years ago. I think that may be partly due to my expectation for music is higher, and the other hand, true that the audio industry do not have much music Quality Improvement over these years, but rather some commercial success. Try to listen to this piece of LP, it will have a discotique Hot beat that come with the sweet and angel like voice of Silver Convention.

HK Snob

Love Theme by Barry White

This is the Demonstration model of the so called best Analogue Music made by King's Record.

The First music on Side A is " Barry White' " Love Theme", remember that this music was the AD music of Cathay Pacific Airlines, it sounds like the aircraft is flying up at highest speed during take off up sky. A good piece of music, and a demo for your Audio System.

HK Snob

Leslie Cheung Final LP, Likely the best LP

This is the last LP, rare, recording some of the Final Songs Leslie Sung befoe he left us going into the his next world of heaven of Joy!
The No. 3 song on side A is my favourite!

If you were Leslie's Fan, Can not miss this LP. If I do not tell you, and later if you could not find this LP, you will hate me so much! HK Snob

Ah Paul of Ap Liu Street, Hong Kong's Largest Vinyl LP Collector

Ap Paul of Ap Liu Street, naked name is "Vinyl record’s adoptive Father". It is night falls and the crowds on Ap Liu Street gradually disperse, rich and mellow tone from a Technics turn table drift through the air, particularly moving when their each your ears. Paul of Ap Liu Street says, “Vinyl has mellow, warm, live and sentimental sound, He loves his records as his life. He is likely the largest collector of Vinyl in Hong Kong, he has about 500,000 Lps. To me , I am nothing as I have just a few thousand!!
He is my source of good vinyl purchase and I have never tired of talking to him as he is just 3 weeks older than I. We were from 1957. He has the same name as I.
Well, he is my old brother. We had a wonderful chat about music, LP, Henry Manici, Percy Faith, Barry White…
Today After I escaped frrom the tiger farm, I went to see him, I had a wonderful vinyl that I am looking for: The Los Indios Tabjaras Maria Elena, that was my father favourite LP.
The Barry White Love theme, once was the Theme music of Cathay Pacific airlines for over 15 years. Oh Man, the Lawrence Walk’s Baby Elephant Walk, you will be so surprise how can the music be so live, so vivid so mellow and so elegant… Yes, because they are analogue…
Find out more..go to see him, call him first as he may not be around sometimes…

Ap Liu Street Snob