Friday, February 11, 2011

18 Selections from the World's Finest Sounding Recording from Telarc Collection Volume 1

Telarc is the largest American owned, independent Classical Recording company, with significant releases in the crossover and jazz categories as well. Founded in 1977 by two Classical Musicians, jack Renner and Robert Woods, Telarc has always been in the forefront of Digital recording technology and is known throughput in the world for is exceptional high Quality Releases.

When I was “kid” I used to buy those LPs from Telarc. And This is a CD made in 1992, recording many great classical recording and some of the good jazz, Started with Copand Fanfare for the Common Man, Steiner Tara’s Theme from “ Gone with the Wind”.

The best tune is Side A No. 5 Gershwin” I got Plenty O’nuttin from Porgy & Bess.

It opens a new arean of Hi Fi using my Western Electric tubes output stage CD Player. And my new Telefunken ECC803S and Telefunken 6211 at my line amplifier. The Sound effect was so vivid that Woke me up all in sudden.

Highly recommended CD… If I can find the LP… Wow, that couldn’t be more Magnificent!
HK Snob

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