Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Louis Armstrong called " Satchmo"?

Armstrong's nickname is short for "Satchel mouth." This derogatory-sounding moniker was actually a compliment that referred to his generous mouth (which was also reported to be quite dirty). Some say his nickname stemmed from his wide, infectious grin, while others state it was a nickname he earned in band class as his cheeks blew up when he played the cornet.

Regardless, "Satchmo" was coined during a 1932 trip to London when a magazine editor greeted Armstrong with "Hello, Satchmo." Armstrong liked the shortened version of his nickname so much he used it as an album title. It stuck. As we learned from our research, Louis was also called "Pops" and "Sweet Papa Dip." Why the latter?

This is Satchmo plays King Oliver…

You will love it for even ten second for the Song one side A.. "St. James Infirmary"
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What A Satchmo!! Bravo!

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