Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Most Popular Classic Tunes in the World 1970-2047?

Your hundred best Tunes” advised and presented by Alan Keith, has for some years been a very Popular BBC Radio programme, Broadcast each Sunday evening Radio 2. The programme is compiled from selection of world’s favourite melodies, base on Listener’s requests. From time to time, list of the top 100 most frequently requested tunes is produced and these records contain the top 25 tunes from the most recent list. Published in the Radio Times during 1970.
My favoruite includes:-
No. 1 Sibelius Finlandia London Proms Symphony Orch/Charles Mackerra
No. 2 Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana-Intermezzo Orch/Zu Bin Mehta
No. 3 Johann Strauss Casanova- Nun’s Chorus Joan Sutherland/new Phiharmonia Orch/Ambrosian Light Opera/Richard Bonynge
No. 4 Bach: Cantata No.147-Jesu, joy of man’s desiring
Coventry Cathedral boys’ Choir/David :Lapine/Robert Weddle (organ)
No.5 Beethoven: symphony no. 6 “pastoral” –Shepherds’ Thanksgiving after the strom”
“L’Orchestre De La Suisse Romande/Ernest Ansermet
No. 6 Verdi: Nabucco- Chrous of the Hebrew slaves
London Symphony Orchestra/Ambrisian Singers/Claudio Abbado
No. 7 Elgar : enigma variations-Nimrod
London Symphony Orchestra/Pierre Monteux
No.8 Zeller:der Obersteiger-Don’t be Cross
Hilde Gueden/Vienna State Orch/Vienna Operetta Chrous/Robert Stolz
No.9 Bruch: Violin Concerto No.1 –Adagio
Ruggiero Ricci/London Symphony Orch/Pierino Gamba
No. 10 Beethoven :Piano Sonata No. 14. “Moonlight”- Adagio Wiheim Backhaus (piano)

This is everyone' favourite music, and they are Classic of the Tomorrow. When I did hiking , one of my friend told me that when you start to like listening to Classic, meaning that you are getting old. Well, I started listening Classical Music back to early in 1976, when I entered the HK Classic Music Centre in Prince Edward Road. It was the Tchaivosky Symphony No. 6 Pathique playing through a simple Marantz 1030 (30 Watts per channel) and Bose 301 Loudspeaker...a 8" two way book shelf. the Music was so melodic, passonate and romantic. nice and easy tune... It was the first moment I enjoyed Classical Music and I bought the LP of course...So to me Classic is the music, and if you still yet find out the quintessence of the classic... it is never too late!

If you have a chance to get this LP, try to put it on your turn table, turn up the volume at 10 oclock position. Open a half bottle of red wine, serve with a drumstick of Roasted Goose Left leg... you will understand that there is no need to be a millionaire to get to the closer point to enjoy the best essence of life... of course your wife should not be around...

HK Snob

A Decent Collections of 鄧麗君 Teresa Tang's Vinyl LPs on Sales

Teresa Tang (鄧麗君) has a special Angel’s sweet voice, she sang when she was 13 only started in Taiwan. I have been listening for her LP for many years and I started to collect her LP in 1990.
I was a bit regret that I sold of my precious LPs (Actually Three of them to one folk in Singapore in 2008. and I had never able to get them again!)
Well, my love to appreciation to Teresa has not been diminished after time, in fact, I like her more than the past. In China , more and more people are going to search for her LPs and the price is rising year by year, when I first bought the Japanese pressing in 10 year ago, it was about HKD350. Now it is about HKD$2,000. And some of them reached HKD$3,000. I am speculating that one day this Japanese pressing LP will reach 10 times as of today in China in 5 years time. Let’s watch out…Amongst those, I love the one she sang in Japan in 1973 most. (the top Right one of the first picture)

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Legendary Chinese Hits Vol. 1 by Chow Hsuan

Since I have already mesmerizied Chow Hsuan from her Vinyl, I had searched for her CD Today in the shops at Mong kok. I found one set of Vol.1-Vol 4 in Record Shop today. I bought Vol.1 Only at HKD$350.00 I am glad that this is Toshiba issues, Printed in Japan 1992. very Sentimental songs, the recording quality is very good, only one thing is Mono but who cares?

Mong Kok Snob

The Largest Vinyl Shop in HK

Record Shop is running by Yau who has been selling LP for more than 25 years in HK.
He spends 3 weeks a month in searching good Vinyl in Japan. His Sister is helping him at the shop. He has probably 20,000 Lps or more… Now he is focusing on selling CDs.
His most Expensive LP in the shop is Dark Side of the Moon special limited copy selling HKD$12,000.00!
The shop is located in 7/f. Shun Wo Centre Mong Kong, 10 minutes walking distance from MTR Mong kok Station. Open 1500-2000 only. Telephone: 27825035

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