Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Decent Collections of 鄧麗君 Teresa Tang's Vinyl LPs on Sales

Teresa Tang (鄧麗君) has a special Angel’s sweet voice, she sang when she was 13 only started in Taiwan. I have been listening for her LP for many years and I started to collect her LP in 1990.
I was a bit regret that I sold of my precious LPs (Actually Three of them to one folk in Singapore in 2008. and I had never able to get them again!)
Well, my love to appreciation to Teresa has not been diminished after time, in fact, I like her more than the past. In China , more and more people are going to search for her LPs and the price is rising year by year, when I first bought the Japanese pressing in 10 year ago, it was about HKD350. Now it is about HKD$2,000. And some of them reached HKD$3,000. I am speculating that one day this Japanese pressing LP will reach 10 times as of today in China in 5 years time. Let’s watch out…Amongst those, I love the one she sang in Japan in 1973 most. (the top Right one of the first picture)

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