Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Platters 20 Greatest Hits

When you hear these Song, Only You, The Great Pretender, I'm sorry, Unchanged melody, I am sure you would have the same sentimemtal love feeling about the good old days of the 60's. Only if you are over 50 years old.
This LP was printed in Holland, 20 songs are usually too many on a disk, but these record has a superb recording and printing quality. Quiet and lively. Worth your effort to find one.
HK Snob

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Huang Hong Ying Visiting HK

This was her last time I enjoyed one whole night with one of my importamt persons in my life there are Tsuen Wan City Hall, Huang brought the Moscow Triangle Guitars Orchastra to be there to share with us a mixed touches of of Russian music and Chinese Song. So the third Song on this CD is my favourite, "One night in the Moscow Forest" .
This is an Signature Disk and Together I asked her to sign on three of the Lps...That was almost the last night that I had with someone before we broke up. This is another Miletone in my life. but I do think that she would also memorize all these songs listening with me on that night.
HK Snob

Adagio d' Albinoni played by Gary Karr and Harmon Lewis

An Adagio d' Albinoni music, doublebass by Gary Karr and Pipe-organ by Harmon Lewis. Live Recording at 22 Sept 1982 at the Vega Hall of Takarazua-Shi, Japan and this CD was printed by King Record Japan in 1983. The very Early CD....
It bears the signature of both Gary and Harmon.
HK Snob

Beliebte Klavierstucke by Rudolf Buchbinder

An Early Recording CD played by Rudolf Buchbinder for those most easy listening Classic piano pieces...
For Elise, Traeumerei, Hungarian Dance No. 7, Song without words, Liebestraum No.3 in A Minor...etc
There is a touch up on the cover, Signed by the Pianoist!
1988 Printed in Germany by EMI.
HK Snob

Faye Wong's promotional Disk "Separate Ways" printed by EMI Japan 2001

In Hong Kong, no one knows these are the say best Singers; Terea Tang, Tsrai Chin Anita Mui, Faye Wong, who can really has talent to sing. Faye Wong was once crticized "new wave" Singer from China in 1989, and I met her once i n Street of Tsim Sha Tsui, "Wow!" is what I could feel as she worn like a real Internal pop star and it was so much different with other HK singer. at That time she still called herself "Wong Ching Man" later on she changed her name to  Faye Wong, and all in suddent her name would be a name of the best Female Vocal singer in HK, Taiwan and China.
This is a promotional disk with her Singature!
HK Snob