Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some of my LPs

These are some of my 2,000 LPs I rated as high value in terms of audition value.
HK Snob

Monday, June 25, 2012

LP as a gift from Friend for my Birthday

This is a Fun Disk sent from Man to me Today as the Gift for my Birthday, I can not make a translation into English... Only Chinese Can read...
I hope that I can be as the Record sings to be...But I am still hesitate if I should play it with my
HKD$20,000 Cartridge!?
HK Snob

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Francis Lai, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini and Michael Legrand Song Book

Francis Lai, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini and Michael Legrand Song Book

This double LP album contains some of the best light music in 20th century…created by these 4 master music composers.

Mancini Song book

Moon River
Days of wine and roses
Them from “ Peter Gunn”
Two for the Road
Dear Heart

Bacharach Song Book
Living together
The April Fool
Raindrops keep falling on my head
The Look fo Love
This guy’s in love with you
Do you know the way to San Jose

Francis Lai
Theme from “love Story”
13 jours in France
Du soleil plein les yeux
Un home et une femme
Vivre pour vivre
La lecon particuliere

Michael Legrand
Theme du film “Ete 42”
The windmill of your mind
Le Messager du film “the Go between”
Amour Amour
I will wait for you.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

B.J. Thomas sung the Billboard No. 1 theme music in movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid,
這次要介紹的是1969年由比傑湯瑪斯(B. J. Thomas)演唱的Billboard冠軍金曲兼電影「虎豹小霸王」()主題曲"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"
Raindrops keep falling on my head雨點不斷打在我頭上
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothing seems to fit
Those raindrops are falling on my head
They keep falling

So I just did me some talking to the sun於是,我開始對太陽說話
And I said I didn't like the way he got things done
Sleeping on the job
Those raindrops are falling on my head
They keep falling

But there's one thing I know但我知道一件事
The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep falling on my head雨點不斷打在我頭上
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me
Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I'm free
Nothing's worrying me

CBS Sony record printed in 1974.

My favourite music is Moon River, Live of Life, Charade, Windmill of your mind...

HK Snob

Ray Charles Greatest Country and Western Hits

Ray Charles Greatest Country and Western Hits
DCC LPZ-2012 limited edition No. 0420

This is a brand new Lp made in 1995 with a serious attitude to make the best music from a pure analogues recording system

The orginal 1962-1965 ABC-Paramount two-track stereo master tapes were used to master this disc.
Al vacuum tubes cutting system

The playback system of choice for this project
Preamp.: joule Electra LA-100, custom designed for DCC Compact Classic by Jud Barber.
Amplifier: Cary Audio Design single-ended 805B.
Monitor: Colin Whatmough model 202 Leadlines, bi-wired.
Triodes for 805B: Vintage 1936 RCA Radiotron 211s, 1939 Western Electric 300Bs

The Sound is warm, rich and no harsh edged tones…
The best Song is
Your cheating Heart and you are my sunshine…

I bought this LP in 1990 with HKD$650.

Now it is about HKD$1,200

Do not miss this..
HK Snob

The Glory of Cremona

This is a chance for you to listen to those most 15 pieces of value bale and rare Italian artistically masterpiece... from Gasparo da Salo C.1570-80 to nearer Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu C 1744. Played by Ruggiero Ricci.

I do not think that there will be another LP like this again on Earth as the estimated value of this violin is like in the range of US$60,000,000.00!

Who can afford to arrange another gathering of these Violins and make a record again!?
And Who dare to play these pieces of instrument and who will be the one to insure the loss or damages if any!??

I bought this LP ten years ago with HKD$450. Now it is just about HKD$1,600. Still too cheap to own such a ticket to listen to these masterpieces made b the best master smith of the entire human civilization…

Music of the greatest composers ever, Vivaldi, Paganni, Hendel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Nardini…etc   Printed in UK my MCA, quality is unquestionable…

But your system should be going in par with the standard they requires to re-produce the music…
Mine is far beyond… as I am always a poor snob!

HK Snob

Anita Mui, My dream lover

This is one of the CD with Anita Mui's Autograph, I am her listener, and I told myself she would be the greatest star when she started her very first singing back in 1989.
She passed us away partly because of the paparazzi who tracked her for news of her cancers. Sad!
Now the star is gone, but I still keep her music album including LP and CD.
This CD belongs to Fei Fei (Shum Din Har) who was given by Anita Mui…

HK Snob

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Relaxing Music Course in a lazy Afternoon

After a tiresome trip, the best is lying down on a sofa, switch on the WB300B amplifier, pick up some of my music!, this is an additional bonus as my daughter prepared some home made green tea blended with honey as fascial mask and put it on my face, cozy and comfortable, and she massaged my foot... oh man! what else!?
Poor Man as A Snob

Paul Mauriant Plays EuroVision Hits

This is one of my favourite easy listening LP, it recorded down all winning music of Eurovision hits from 1966 to 1977.  Who does not like this music All kind of Everything, Merci Cheri, Un banc, Un arbre, une Rue and Louseau Et lenfant!?
HK Snob

Casino Royale

This is first pressing Casino Royale which contains the Dusty Springfield " The Look of Love", which is one of the most sentimental song,
This is TAS recommended LP, price is about USD$80-120 now. I bought it at USD$40.00
HK Snob
This is a superb recording for Chie Ayado's Jazz album, do not miss it as it has a balanced muscial perfomence from bass to high. if your power amplifer is stingy in delivering current into the loudspeaker, there you can not have the realistic jazz effect! Try to find it, it may be still on sales in HK.
HK Snob