Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anita Mui, My dream lover

This is one of the CD with Anita Mui's Autograph, I am her listener, and I told myself she would be the greatest star when she started her very first singing back in 1989.
She passed us away partly because of the paparazzi who tracked her for news of her cancers. Sad!
Now the star is gone, but I still keep her music album including LP and CD.
This CD belongs to Fei Fei (Shum Din Har) who was given by Anita Mui…

HK Snob


Anita Mui fan said...

She started singing in 1967, and officially joined the entertainment industry in 1982 when she won the hong kong new talent singing award, beating over 6000 contestants. Definitely not singing her first in 1989.

She died due to complications from cervical cancer which caused respiratory and liver failure, which some sources said was due to the chemotherapy drugs she was given. Not some paparazzi.

HK Snob said...

Dear Anita Mui Fan, I am glad that you are so much detail knowing her, and I am sure you had the same feeling about the Love tribute to this greatest HK Singer and her story.
I am collecting her singature a small Memorial stuff for remember her.
I Wish she could feel peace, happiness forever.
When I put this disk onto my Player, She started to tell her story and her voice would remind me. We only Live Once. We have to be treat everyday the last day. The recenbt Egypt Balloon case made me feel sad!, Life is really unexpected, try a bit bettr to our loved one...
Thanks Anita Fan...

HK Snob