Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ray Charles Greatest Country and Western Hits

Ray Charles Greatest Country and Western Hits
DCC LPZ-2012 limited edition No. 0420

This is a brand new Lp made in 1995 with a serious attitude to make the best music from a pure analogues recording system

The orginal 1962-1965 ABC-Paramount two-track stereo master tapes were used to master this disc.
Al vacuum tubes cutting system

The playback system of choice for this project
Preamp.: joule Electra LA-100, custom designed for DCC Compact Classic by Jud Barber.
Amplifier: Cary Audio Design single-ended 805B.
Monitor: Colin Whatmough model 202 Leadlines, bi-wired.
Triodes for 805B: Vintage 1936 RCA Radiotron 211s, 1939 Western Electric 300Bs

The Sound is warm, rich and no harsh edged tones…
The best Song is
Your cheating Heart and you are my sunshine…

I bought this LP in 1990 with HKD$650.

Now it is about HKD$1,200

Do not miss this..
HK Snob

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