Saturday, June 15, 2013

1976 Most popular test Record:Leo Oskar

This was likely the most common Hi Fi equipment test record in 1976.

Wherever I went, most of the Hi Fi Shop was using this Album to show how good the channel separation, bass effect on their Audio System.

The Opening of the Journey on side A is phenomenon, The 2nd Music The Immigrant is the main theme.

The bass effect that could blow someone shirt up by the "Promised land". I was using Quad 303 driving the AR16 loudspeaker at that time, it was a lot of fun listening to this album, Today

I am using Ortofon Jubilee Cartridge, Marantz 8B and Harbeth HL Compact, the effect was not that stunning when I used AR16.

But the effect is still astonishing.

Imagine if I use Marantz 500M driving JBL 4350, I believe the Police will come not more than 10 minutes!!

Try this and it will not out dated at all.

Leo Oskar is a magic player on harmonica!

HK Snob

Another Sentimental Feeling when I listen to The Mantovani Golden Collection

Mantovani Gold Collection

When I listen to my LP, I seldom repeat the same side, well, this is an Exceptional piece, “The Mantovani Golden Collection, 20 masterpieces in Music” 1979 , Warwick Record, marketed by Decca.

Side one first music is”Charmaine”, I could feel the fresh morning breeze from a nearby forest into a tiny hut at the beach.

The Violin is so tender, mild and melodic…

2nd one is Some Enchanted evening, like now, I am listening in front of my side, again, the group of violin sings

The song of the fairy tale. From Distance to my house… it brings me some enchanted heart of my youth back to me.

“Moon River”, another interpretation from Mantovani, a light opening of violin with the familiar melody, recall my first date with my first wife in the Hot Bangkok city, walking along the street searching for good local food, but we went into the Oriental Hotel lobby , fascinated by the warm service, and again we ended up an a romantic night… Everything I listen to this music, I could not stop thinking of her smile Now The smile has been changed, to another tender sweetie

Who cares about me as her most important person in her life… I love her…

As followed by “love Story” the rhythm is a but laid back, easy and it plays with a lot of violins moving from Right to Left, this is the magic of stereo, I am afraid it would be a waste if you listen via the Surround 7.1 or so… as it would make you puzzled on where the strings are!? This great music will bring me another love story when I met her… in a special occasion for the first time.

Needed to say The Swedish Rhapsody is named the best light music as the grand opening music for the A Summer Concert festival in Europe.

If you had a chance to get this LP, buy it and Listen to tit. I am afraid I feel regret as I did not have a chance to listen the Manovani concert, but at least this album could be some kind of comfort… A Tube Amplifier is needed for this kind of soft music…

Still I have another 15 good music awaiting me to enjoy… thanks for Sham Shui Po’sPaul to give me this Record…

HK Snob