Saturday, June 15, 2013

1976 Most popular test Record:Leo Oskar

This was likely the most common Hi Fi equipment test record in 1976.

Wherever I went, most of the Hi Fi Shop was using this Album to show how good the channel separation, bass effect on their Audio System.

The Opening of the Journey on side A is phenomenon, The 2nd Music The Immigrant is the main theme.

The bass effect that could blow someone shirt up by the "Promised land". I was using Quad 303 driving the AR16 loudspeaker at that time, it was a lot of fun listening to this album, Today

I am using Ortofon Jubilee Cartridge, Marantz 8B and Harbeth HL Compact, the effect was not that stunning when I used AR16.

But the effect is still astonishing.

Imagine if I use Marantz 500M driving JBL 4350, I believe the Police will come not more than 10 minutes!!

Try this and it will not out dated at all.

Leo Oskar is a magic player on harmonica!

HK Snob

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