Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hawkins! Alive in the Village Gate New York 1962

One of my favourite Jazz album Hawkins Alive at the Village Gate
Recorded at Art D’lugoff’s Village Gate, New York City, Aug 13 and 15, 1962.
The Coleman Hawkins quartet treats Mack the Knife as the popular jazz pieces it has become, Hawkins’ opening solo is near perfect example of a great musician focusing all his feeling, his musical intelligence, and his affecting conceits on a good song, He plays eight stanzas of the ballad on his first solo, stats a nine and suddenly abandons it to the piano. I particularly fond of the double bass solo at mid of the music, it is so vivid intense and good tone in for the Loudspeaker to response to the peak of the magnitude… If is so much feel like it fill up the room with the greatest piece if the jazz, the Marantz 8B power amplifier matches with the Harbeth HL Compact to push for the maximum jazz atmosphere turning my small living room into the basement of a jazz cabinet in the New York City, and I could stop my legs shakes as according to the music melody… what a great album that you can not miss. I wish I could find the original first release….!!
This is Rolling Stone FIVE STAR record… We should have it…
New York Snob