Saturday, December 19, 2009

Luka Bloom, Amsterdam

I have not yet listened to this LP...

Yet no comment


Wayne Shorter : Speak no Evil

Original issues from Blue Note DMM, Direct Metal Mastering, orginal Remastered, Audiophile Edition with premium Quality Vinyl

Mendelssohn Concerto in E minor

Columbia Masterworks Records, Classic Recording 50th Anniversary LP Series re-issue in 1999.

Jobanna Mastzy

If you have not listened to this LP, If you were not reminded this is Mono LP... well you may not be noticed that this is LP., because the Music it carries it more prominent that the way they are recorded...
Good short violin music Pieces

J.S.Bach Jesue, Dearest master, Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death

This is a 1959 Living Stereo LP. RCA Victor Orchestra, Conducted by Robert Shaw with The Robert Shaw Chorale.

Sally Yeh

This is a promotional Copy Contains only One Song at 45 RPM


Quincy Jones and His Orchestra. The Quintessence

Sail Away. Orinoco Flow by Enya

Sail Away was an International hit in 1988.... By Enya, (Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin (born 17 May 1961), better known as Enya, an Irlish lady.

Enya achieved a breakthrough in her career in 1988 with the album Watermark, which featured the hit song "Orinoco Flow" (sometimes incorrectly known as "Sail Away"). "Orinoco Flow", featuring Jay Tyree, reported to be named after Orinoco Studios (now Miloco Studios), where it was conceived, topped the charts in the United Kingdom, peaked at number 2 in Germany and the Watermark album sold eight million copies.

Three years later, she followed with another hit album, Shepherd Moons, which sold ten million copies and earned Enya her first Grammy Award. The songs "On Your Shore" and "Exile" (from Watermark) and "Epona" (from Enya) were featured in the 1991 film L.A. Story.


Offenbach Caite Parisienne

I have not seen the first pressing of this LP, I was told very hard to find 12 years ago... until Now I have not seen one at all..after 12 years!


Sax at the Movie

A Man and a Woman, Unchanged Melody, The Crying Games, Somewhere in Times...
Great music recalling your sweetest memories while you watch that movie with your first, tenth, or 20th girl freinds, or some of them, not bad to be your Wives... Or unluckily got some of them divorced... or remarry again.... This is life...
The Sax is best musical instrument to play these music!!

LA-4 Pavane Pourune In fante Defunte

I have a lot of LA-4 LPs, may be 20 pieces. This is a 45 RPM Super Cutting Series made in 1977
by Ai Music Tokyo Japan.


Belafonte At Carnegie Hall

Once I have a first pressing of this LP, I gave it to one of my friends in Malaysia.
The sample show here is not first pressing, may be 10th...
Still it sounds great with Magnificient voice, magnificient atmosphere, live at Carnegie Hall, 1962.

Madeleine Peyroux

A NEW sealed Lp from this sweet French woman.
I don't know how her voice sounds as I have not tried to play this record.
Only I will after a I a new Clearaudio Gold Finger VC2 Diamond Cartridge...

Falla The Three Cornered Hat- Complete Ballet


Miles Davis Kind Of Blue

I am Seeking for the first issue first Release LP!

Unforgettable by Natalie Cole

She is replica of her Father's Success, winner of 7 of Grammy Awards 1992 including Album of the year and Song of the year.

Who can resist to have one... but it is not easy to find if you miss the first release in 1992...since a lot of confused people had put their LP and turntable idle in that year if "CD"

haha! CD is half dead already after the past 20 years of effort for the those recording companies, marketing guys of the music media, Philips and Sony had tried all kind of ways to enhance, improve and to change for better sound quality in order to push the LP fans into the deep blue sea at the Cliff!

LP will not die as Music is best in analogue format reproduction with Analogue musical source. Digital muisc is Can Food. LP is a dinner at the Dynasty or Prince... Please be fair to the Can Food too... as it provide us a short term feeling of " Full" in the stomach.., regardless of taste.


I bought this LP from Yau Mongkok....

Tsrai Tsin Best LP

I listened her music since 1976... after 30 years, her voice has been changed, from young Bordeaux Red to the mellow Latour 1959 with some perfume like Petrvs 1961....

She smokes and her voice does not change smoky, she sings effortlessly, probably she has an ultra large lung... her voice spectrum covers 100Hz-15Khz...
This is a fussion Jazz of the popular songs!
An Challenaging test on your Hi Fi system to respond and reproduce the atmosphere...

I like the Third of the first side " Mysterious Girl" composed by tehe Greatest Song Writer Yao Ming.

I rate this best recording sample of Tsrai Chin's LPs.


Shiosai by Mayumi Itsuwa

One of my favourite Japanese Artists since 1973.

Recent recording by Sony CBS 1982, First issue.


Sibelius Symphony No.5 in E flat major, op.82

This is 1971 First pressing, the Music is Great, Decca will never disappoint you in the quality especially those the early production.
Alexsander Gibson led the London Symphony Ocrchestra to interpret this Greatest Finis Composer's masterpiece.
I bought this LP with HKG$350.00 only

Take Five At the Pawnshop

This a ATR master Recording Live at the PawnShop , Proprius Musik Stockholm 1977 Record.

Best of The Best TAS LP

Prokofiev Symphony No. 6 in E Flat minor. London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Walter Weller. 1976 Decca Lp. Absolutely best TAS LP. feVerIp


在上世紀40年代有「鼻音歌后」之稱的吳鶯音(1922-2009),在美國 洛杉磯 病逝,享年87歲。吳鶯音與家人居於美國,她前日(17日)凌晨4時病逝,丈夫沈先生、大兒子與三兒子皆陪伴在側。吳鶯音的喪禮將於下周六(26日)舉行。

吳鶯音(原名吳劍秋),寧波 人,家境富裕,父母期待她成為醫生,但她立志做歌星,瞞著家人考入上海的電視台,以藝名「錢茵」當上播音員,22歲推出首張唱片,當時吳父購買了唱片也不知道歌者正是自己的女兒。當年上海的紅歌星皆是用兩個字的藝名,如周璇、白光與姚莉,吳加入樂壇後要求用3個字藝名,並堅持保留吳姓。公司的人認為她的聲音悅耳如出谷黃鶯,故改名吳鶯音。由於其歌聲有濃濃的鼻音,成名後有鼻音歌后之稱,她演唱過逾百經典金曲,《明月千里寄相思》、《恨不鍾情在當年》、《斷腸紅》等皆膾炙人口。


Source 【明報專訊】 19 Dec 2009

Edmundo Ros Plays Spanish gypsy dance

This is no question the best Recording for Spanish gypsy Dance and Isle of Capri arranged by Edmundo Ros...
I got this LP from Paul of Ap Liu Street, Paul has 500,000 Lps as his favourite properties!
He sold me at about HKD200.00.
I used to play the Spanish Gypsy Dance to test the response, bass and Overall live balancing of the set-up.
I am sure this is one of the most beautiful Souther Amercian tunes. London FFSS recording.
HK Snob

Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini

This is "Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, with Rubinstein played the Piano.
Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Reiner.
This is one in the Century the best Combination of Music, Orchestra, Pianoist and Conductor on the best Recording... Though my Disk is nothe 1st issue , but the music is Great!

Highly recommended!

HK Snob