Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ah Paul of Ap Liu Street, Hong Kong's Largest Vinyl LP Collector

Ap Paul of Ap Liu Street, naked name is "Vinyl record’s adoptive Father". It is night falls and the crowds on Ap Liu Street gradually disperse, rich and mellow tone from a Technics turn table drift through the air, particularly moving when their each your ears. Paul of Ap Liu Street says, “Vinyl has mellow, warm, live and sentimental sound, He loves his records as his life. He is likely the largest collector of Vinyl in Hong Kong, he has about 500,000 Lps. To me , I am nothing as I have just a few thousand!!
He is my source of good vinyl purchase and I have never tired of talking to him as he is just 3 weeks older than I. We were from 1957. He has the same name as I.
Well, he is my old brother. We had a wonderful chat about music, LP, Henry Manici, Percy Faith, Barry White…
Today After I escaped frrom the tiger farm, I went to see him, I had a wonderful vinyl that I am looking for: The Los Indios Tabjaras Maria Elena, that was my father favourite LP.
The Barry White Love theme, once was the Theme music of Cathay Pacific airlines for over 15 years. Oh Man, the Lawrence Walk’s Baby Elephant Walk, you will be so surprise how can the music be so live, so vivid so mellow and so elegant… Yes, because they are analogue…
Find out more..go to see him, call him first as he may not be around sometimes…

Ap Liu Street Snob

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