Friday, January 27, 2012

Mantovani's Golden Collections, 20 Masterpieces

Abbunzio Paola Mantovani, born on 15 November, 1905 in Venice- Italy most Romantic City.

At the age of 16, "Monty" became a professional Violinist, 1925, he was broadcasting from the Hotel Metropole in London. Mantovani has perfected hsi own special sound. It hs been described as "Cascading Strings" or "Fountains of Sound" Familiar tunes are transformed into glittering jewels with Mantovani's impeccable artistry and Unmistakable Conducting Skill.

Listen to this Golden Disk and you will be melt into the melodies and you will find that it might be too late to join other millions of people the world over respond to this magic, warm to his luchness and soften to touch. The Record was printed in London, by Warrick Records 1979. This Record itself is a Classic, join me to the Music "Moon River", "Swedish Rhapsody", "the Moulin Rouge Theme", "Fascination". "La Vie En Rose"!

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