Saturday, December 19, 2009

Unforgettable by Natalie Cole

She is replica of her Father's Success, winner of 7 of Grammy Awards 1992 including Album of the year and Song of the year.

Who can resist to have one... but it is not easy to find if you miss the first release in 1992...since a lot of confused people had put their LP and turntable idle in that year if "CD"

haha! CD is half dead already after the past 20 years of effort for the those recording companies, marketing guys of the music media, Philips and Sony had tried all kind of ways to enhance, improve and to change for better sound quality in order to push the LP fans into the deep blue sea at the Cliff!

LP will not die as Music is best in analogue format reproduction with Analogue musical source. Digital muisc is Can Food. LP is a dinner at the Dynasty or Prince... Please be fair to the Can Food too... as it provide us a short term feeling of " Full" in the stomach.., regardless of taste.


I bought this LP from Yau Mongkok....

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