Monday, October 26, 2009

Louis Amstrong's What a Wonderful Wolrd

Louis Armstrong’s best 20 Golden Songs
A 1986 MCA CD made in Japan
One of the best favourite jazz songs I play most frequently
That Include
La Vie En Rose.
Takes Two to Tango April in Portugal
When the Saints go marching in (live version)
Only you
All bets Favourite “what a wonderful world!

If you do not listen to jazz, or you may not have idea on what jazz music is, try this and I am sure you will have a different point of view onJazz.

"What a wonderful world" became world’s popular song and led to more people understand what Jazz music was not until it was included in the soundtrack for the film "Good Morning, Vietnam" in 1987, and, thanks to its new found exposure in the film, it landed at #1 in Australia, becoming Armstrong's biggest hit there. In the film, the song plays over a montage of bombings and other violence.

This 1986 CD is not easy to find but still available.


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