Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hong Kong's Grace Chang

When beautiful, youthful, vivacious, talented Grace Chang was invited to sing on the Dinah Shore television show she was te first artist from Hong Kong to appear onm Amercian TV. What Impressed the viewers besides her beauty, youth and vivacity was the mastery she showed in both Chinese and Occidental styles - and the warmth she radiated in her Singing.

Grace was born in the Province of Che-Kiang, but brought up in the Northern China. She received her education in Shanghai and Hong Kong, studying music and acting. As soon as she left school, she began making films and recording hit songs for the Gramophone Company of Singapore, who recorded this Album in Hong Kong.

The best beloved songs of mine is the 2nd one on Side A " I love Cha Cha" which is a Latin rhythms catch on everywhere, and the tune of  fun-loving Chinese are as susceptible as anyone.

"Too Happy for words" is the last song on this album, a familiar hit in the Radio in the 60's I am sure most of the baby boomers would love to hear it....

Like I...

I bought this LP from Yau who has moved to this Shun Wo Centre,  Room 704, Mong Kok, Kowloon.
Price is HKD$1,400.00

HK Snob

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