Monday, December 6, 2010

Ken Choi Fung Wah, one of the greatest HK Singers.

I met Ken Choi as for the first time. It was Chui Wah, where he used to take dinner.
Tall, quiet, low key, put on his causal wear as you and me does... Wearing sun glasses as one of his eyes was hurt in 2003. I had a chat to him and found him a decent, polite,humble guy.. I hope he can come back for a Concert and I am sure there are a lot of fans supporting him; that of course including HK Snob.
Ken, wish you all success... one of you fans...

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi Fever,

盧敏儀顯得非常感觸, 勸他別要鑽牛角尖....

Fever, 你果真有勇氣主動跟他攀談!

中學時, 在港台錄影廠有幸跟來探班的張瑪莉小姐打招呼, 她是個不折不扣,實至名歸的港姐!她還跟我們大合照.

暑假時,我在佐敦一所化驗所碰見"無間道"導演劉偉強先生, 一身非常隨意的便服,摺起的衣袖, 及膝的撕破邊緣褲子.跟他有眼神接觸,當時真有些衝動想給他"一隻手指公"...別打擾他吧!

前天在沙田IKEA餐廳碰見徐榮先生一家三口, 我朋友說他的個子也挺高啊!


HK Snob said...

Hi Caca, he is a man of ultra man gentlman, his quiet, kind and polite... The time he made such a commetn to LiesLie Cheung was certainly no too appropriate but that has been the history, even Leslie was gone... Hope Choi Fung Wah would have a golden day again. Recent show was a success.