Friday, April 22, 2011

Roger Williams' Nadia's Theme

Roger Williams Plays Nadia's Theme and Music of the Most beautiful girls in the World Including Nadia, Aubrey, Gigi, Jean, Mona Lisa, Pat, Leica, and Ice...!

Wonderful Tunes that no written words with my English Standard could possibly able to is very Easy listening, romantic and make me think of Some one...

It Contains:

Nadia's Theme,

Mexicali Rose,


Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago",


Mona Lisa,

Theme for Elvira,

Sweet Leilani,

Gigi and Jean.

"The Album is something special, not that it was planned that way; it just happened. Perhaps the combination of ten beautiful songs about ten beautiful girls was all ythe inspiration I need. In any event, these cuts turned out to be some of the warmest most feeling playing I've even done on record. Best of all, the piano just seemed to play itself! When that happens; when I can not get out of the way of whatever pours out of me during a recording session, then I know something special has happened". Warmest Regards, Rogers Williams.

MCA Records 1976.

To me that is more than ten beautiful girls...

HK Snob

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