Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rio Carnival Orchestra Play for a Honeymoon in South America

This is an Important LP, as it was bought by my father in 1965, at HKD$25.00 in Tung Tau Village that there is a Record shop at side of the street...
We listened together using a Denon all tube grand console, FM, AM SW and LP Hi Fi system which has a heavy ceramic Pick up cartridge and a big needle like stylus that had tortured manay time on thsi LP.. The music was to warm and sweet, I have been keeping this record for then 40 years as a remembering my father who taught me on no sweat no gain… and he place me in important role in the family as I am the eldest son…and most of all he taught me on how to enjoy music and he taught me Kung Fu…
This is Rio Carnival Orchestra Play for a Honeymoon in South America.

The Rio Carnival Orchestra with its dazzling strings and pulsating rhythm section takes us on a thrilling musical adventure in South America.
The Tango of the Argentines, the Brazilian Sambas, the Boleros and tropical Cha-Cha- the are all here…
This is the Mood of the album, turn on your Phonograph and or so called Hi Fi syetem and say “adios” to your troubles- we are going to on a Honey Moon in South America with the one I love… Ice!

South America Snob

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