Sunday, September 18, 2011

Likely the best Cantonese Record from Teresa Tang

This is a LP made for Cantonese sung by Teresa Tang.
Likely this is the best listening LP made by the greatest song and music composers.
Wong Chim, and Ku Ka Fai, Lo Kwok Tsim, Heung Sher Wer.
The best beloved song is 2nd Song on Side one, and the first one n Side 2.
Try and I am sure you should have this LP if you are die hard fan of Teresa!
Ps Picture was taken by Roberlam ( Kong Kong's famous Photographer).

The record was printed by Polydor in HK in 1983. There is no Japanese pressing. of course the quality of the studio works is no the best amongts of Teresa's article. But the Songs is great!

HK Snob

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