Saturday, November 12, 2011

Van Mc Coy's "African Smyphony"

This African Symphony is a very dynamic, melodic, enchanting, started with an African war drum marches at dawn, Zulu is preparing for defending their lands, food and home preparing for fighting for survival from the invasion of western Civilization.
Echoes of the forest, following by breeze from the seas, warmth of sunshine after the peace has been exchanged with bravery of soldiers. A Magnificent tune for our audio equipment, a piece of music that has been sued by RTHK for 33 years on their Annual HK Chinese Golden Song as main theme, the opening music of High School Base ball tournament for many years in Japan.
Song and Music of this album including the Super Hit “The Hustle”, another master piece arranged and Conducted by Van Mc Coy in 1967, three years before he died of heart attack at age of 39!

This is the Short form of Original Van Mc Coy’s African Symphony at Youtube.

African Snob

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