Friday, December 23, 2011

Vinyl is Getting Popular again in Hong Kong

Lesser people knows, understands what Analogue music produced from the MC cartridge comparing with thee Digital music read by the Laser head. Especially the music was produced by the JLB 4343 Loudspeaker.
New people is happy with their MP3 device, which can store 15,000 music played by a tiny ear pieces.
Less then 0.01% of HK people goes to concert for Classic music a year.
Ask them Chopin is Chinese? I bet 3 out of 10 say “Yes”
Even some audiophile never goes to concert and always raise complaint to the Loudspeaker supplier that can not generate the 16 Hz Bass at his room. Why he need that kind of Bass?! Why is there is no 16Hz, that the music will lose it texture!? It is a matter of mis-understanding.

US now has sold 1.5 million LPs in 2010, though is not much comparing withe the total populaiton, but sales of LP is rising in US.
Same case in Hong Kong, note that is Wei Wei Music shop in MongKok, there is a lot of LPdisplayed at the windows. and obviously more and more people find out the fun to play Vinyl rather than the CD or MP3...

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