Saturday, August 4, 2012

Byrd at the Village Gate

A Riverside Jazz LP produced in Limited volume, Charlie Byrd Trio and Guests, recorded live at the Village Gate, NYC in 9 and 10 May 1963.
The LP was produced by the remastering team of Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray using Studer A-80 PV MK II, Neumann SX74 Cuterhead with a fresh lacquer.

“They are the best-sounding versions available probably as close to the master tape as any medium can get.” – Fred Kaplan, The Absolute Sound.

Like the 2nd "More (theme from Mondo Cane" on Side 1, it is awesome, beautiful, warm, not that kind of superwide response music, probbably the recording engineer put a lot of hi cut filter, but the tone is mellow, soft and bass is full of punches, right tuned up to the mood of a mini music festival in a night tarvern, like I was celebrating the concluded big purchase order from one customer, opening my bottle of Dom Perignon 1996. watching the big golden bubbles effervescing out the surface and burst into my nose, each bubble brings me the old good day of my joyous episodes. What a great recording!!
This was a piece of gift from a very special Friend!  Thanks from my heart!! It is a WOW LP!!
I rate this Five Star Record!

Highly recommended to buy one!!
HK Snob

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