Saturday, May 8, 2010

Golden Hits of Chet Atkins

This is a new old stock sealed LP I got from the boss of Tim Key yesterday.! Well, Good price for such greatest Golden Hits of Chet Atkins Guitar!!

Music To watch Girls By
George Girl
A taste of Honey
Light my Fire
Lady Madonna

What Can you say about this LP!?. It is JVC Victor Japan pressing, double folder with only HKD$150.00!~

HK Snob


Sean said...

What could I say about this LP? Looking at the song selection it is obviously an audiophile gem from the glorious swinging 60’s. I’m guessing that it was recorded circa 1964 to 68. Japanese Victor pressings can be high quality vinyl too. I have several excellent Japanese easy listening records in my collection too!

Enjoy your new record

Best regards


Feverip said...

Hi Sean, I keep it for you!!

Aa A gift, I am sure this is your type of Music... very Sweet, passionate...! Or I can send you!!


Feverip said...
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Sean said...

Hi there Paul,

You can keep it for me. It's my turn to send you some music first. I will email you about some titles I would like to send you.

Its night here and nearly sleep time. I'm super tired!

Best regards