Friday, May 14, 2010

Air France to Paris

This is a fast tour to Paris via First class service of Air France.
It carries the French tunes of:

Paris Perdu

Live for Life

Les Parapluies De Cherbourg

The April Fools

Un Homme Et Une Femme


There are background sweet lady broadcast message of the air port, cabin chatting of a air hostess?
We could feel the smell of the First Class Caviar and Champagne…
How fun this life could be? But the problem is this is Concorde, by time after your breakfast, it time for you to take your lunch at Paris airport…

Toshiba EMI, superb recording quality a blend of good mood, sentimental music, excellent  engineering in recording, a record to testify your system reproduction of the entire audio spectrum.

Or it may be an excuse for you to change the pre-pre-amp or the loudspeaker!

HK Snob