Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leslie Chung Sings alive again after his death 9 years ago Today!

Remember Leslie Cheung
Leslie was born 12 Sep 1956 and ended his short but glory life on the same day Today in 2003.
He was a singer, movie star, and lover of many people including me and my mother
He is an easy going character and has a style of great star, no one could simple beat him till now after his death on 1 April …that I was in a taxi going to airport., I did not believe it.. but was confirmed that was the case,,, I can not hold the tear as Truly I asked myself why? I had a chance to see hi m and say hello to him in City Hall in 1999.
But his song is with me,,, today I play his historical best Record ever made in 4 Album when he retired from Singing…
If you had a chance to get this Album, buy it….the sound effect is superb!
Seems Leslie is singing in front of you!

HK Snob

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