Saturday, April 7, 2012

My beloved Teresa Tang's Angel Voice LPs

These are the most beloved LP from Teresa Tang, one of them is the Live at Osaka 1977 concert, and the other is the one that Chinese Fans of Teresa should have as all of them are in Mandarin. All are printed in Japan Under Taurus Record Company. Superb Printing quality, and the LP are very Quiet.

These two are expensive now as it is very rare. It is in the range of USD$500.00

Well, that is a lot of money for a LP, but that is a little money for a live Teresa Live Concert recorded with the best Japanese recording team with the best analogue media.
Good to have a Cartridge like Lyra Helicon, Gold Finger, Phase Tech and or Jubilee to re-produce the angel’s like voice f Teresa Tang!
HK Snob

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