Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tim Kee Record ( Shop for Chinese Opera Music) 粤曲專賣店

He has a lot of Trasi Chin CD of different variety!


Tim Kee has been running Vinyl, CD business for more than 20 years, There we can find most of the Cantonese opera Music and Songs,  the owner has a private collector of some of the rare LP but he sees do not want to sell, however he had already sold some of his good stuff to me over the past 10 years... haha...

There is a lot of variety of Trasi Chin CD, I bought a Clasic Japanese Music LD, a great masterpeice fo Kings Record back in 1969. I had the original LP.

This is a nice CD recording, HKD$180 could likely buy you night of Easy listening with Strings and Harmonica!

Tim Kee situates at 148A Ap Liu Street.

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