Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Purest form of Trsai Chin's Translation

This is my favourite voice from Trasi Chin, who was a young girl back in 1972 and she sung in the Taiwan University once a while.

Her voice is Pure, Light, full of melody, like the taste of a packet of Stash Premium Green tea soaked in 90 deg water
for three minutes. Now she smokes quite a lot and voice has been chaging a lot too, like 30 years Wen Nan Po Er tea!

Hai Shan record , printed in 1973. at that time it was NT 102. Price of this LP can not be measureable, if you like Trasi Chin you could pay HKD$1,200 for it., if you do not like her music... needlesss mention here.

I bought this LP from the proivate collection of Captain Hung in Taipei back in 1997.
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